The Next Mission Is You!


How many days do you have to live? Really calculate it and come up with a number. Now, ask yourself, “Knowing the limited number of days I have, what do I want to do?” What is your purpose-fueled strategy for how you are going to lead and live those days?  Purpose frames our life and career experiences into a meaningful whole. When we understand purpose, all the challenging experiences of our lives serve to forge identity, character, and meaning. Although life may be challenging, every experience becomes our teacher, and every challenge an opportunity through which we learn and live more purposefully.

Most people have an intuitive sense about their purpose in life. Unfortunately, they treat it as a “dream” and never view it as “practical”. Following your dream is the most practical thing you can possibly do with your life.  As for me, through the support of an accountability partner, a cheerleader, a coach, I discovered my purpose.  My strategy is to work with women veterans to help them reinvent themselves, creating a new mission in life that is inspired with meaning and purpose.  You were Daring to Sacrifice for your country - be just as Daring to invest in the next chapter of your life!  The Next Mission is YOU!