The FLY Coach Annette Johnson is an accomplished professional who has spent her 30-year career as a leadership development champion.  She began this journey in the formative years of her career.  She has continued along this path in the work she does today as a worldwide leader.  Her topics have ranged in breath from networking to communication to leadership.  The FLY Coach is truly committed to the success of people.  She is a mentor for Women Unlimited, Inc., an organization dedicated to developing high potential leaders.  The FLY Coach is also a Certified Professional Coach.  The FLY Coach works very closely with women’s organizations by participating in events and forums that allow her to share her thoughts, approaches, and methods to truly discovering one’s personal mission in life.  She is particularly interested in helping women realize their leadership potential.  She speaks at women’s conferences as a keynote, seminar leader, and moderator.  The FLY Coach is an author.  Her first self-published book, FLY: Forgive and Love Yourself – A Path to Letting Go and Living with Inner Peace, is available on  She is currently working on her second edition of FLY:  First Lead Yourself – 8 Things My Career Taught Me About being A Leader, which is expected to be published later this year.  The FLY Coach is also the creator of Leading Ladies Salon – Socials that Celebrate Women.  She has appeared as a guest blogger on and  She volunteers her time at the NY Coalition for Women and S.O.F.I.A., a domestic violence resource center for women located in Montclair, New Jersey where she is the Vice President, Board of Advisors.  Annette is married with two daughters. 


Organizations that the FLY Coach works with: