lena cohen

The FLY Coach salutes Lena Cohen, CBS Inside Edition and President of You Are Beautiful Honie as the FLY Woman of the Month.  Lena exemplifies empowered living.  She uses her life experiences to help other women be their best self.  

Lena was born and raised in the city of Camden, NJ where experience became her best teacher.  Lena was raised in a single parent household and attributes a lot of her success to her mother.  At 14 a Boys & Girls Club was built in her neighborhood. She became a member of the club, a mentor, an employee, at seventeen their Youth of the Year and today leads as a Community Ambassador.  Lena attended Rutgers University Camden Campus.Two years into her schooling she suffered great tragedy. She mourned three family members and two friends, three of which were homicides. She fell into deep depression as she realized she was in her darkest place yet. Not being able to see, feel or think clearly she landed herself in an abusive relationship. Unemployed, not in school, living on her best friends couch, ashamed, hurt and very confused Lena was at her wits end. This became the turning point in her life.She went back to school after four years and graduated with honors. Lena obtained an internship at CBS and quickly rose through the ranks. She is now a full time researcher and coordinator, for Inside Edition, one of their most popular shows. For over 14 years Lena has dedicated her life to philanthropy. Mentoring and coaching has become second nature for her and something she takes great pride in.With workshops, teleconferences, webcasts and personal mentoring Lena hopes to save lives and help women get to their most high happy place.