Latisha Porter-Vaughn comes to mind when I think of my vision for Women Who FLY.  She exemplifies empowered living and knows how to take the lead!  Congratulations Latisha for taking the lead in the hearing loss community!

Latisha is a native of Hamilton, Ohio and has lived in Newark, New Jersey since 1986.  Since 2014, Latisha has been the President for the Hearing Loss Association of America - Essex County Chapter and an elected Board of Trustee for the HLAA New Jersey State Chapter.  She also led a workshop at the 2015 HLAA Convention held in St. Louis.  The HLAA-Essex County Chapter mission is "to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, and support. 

Latisha was born with a profound sensorineural hearing loss that wasn't diagnosed until she was 19 years old while living with her oldest sister in New Jersey.  Her mom passed when she was 6 weeks old.  She was raised by her father and grandmother who both were hard of hearing.  From her experiences of watching her grandmother isolate herself due to her hearing loss, she always had the passion to help others understand the different levels of hearing loss and how they can live with it.

She took interest to start a chapter in Essex County after leading a team for the NJ Walk4 Hearing in 2010. At the walk, the former President of the NJ State HLAA saw her leadership abilities and asked her to start a chapter. Her passion is to raise awareness in the demographic areas that have little support available.  After a 5 year search for leadership, she finally was blessed with a vice president who has a son that's hard of hearing and treasurer whose daughter is deaf.  This is the first Chapter in Essex County and we are dedicated to changing the perception about hearing loss.

She's blessed in marriage to Anthony Vaughn.  They have a 13 year old wonderful son.  Both are actively involved with the Chapter and provide tireless support.

Latisha received her Bachelor of Science in Business from The University of Maryland Adelphi, a Master of Strategic Communication from Seton Hall University Cum Laude, a Paralegal Certificate from Boston University, and completed a Special Education Advocacy program.