I would like to endorse Annette Johnson for her work as a women’s empowerment coach. Annette is one of the hosts on the radio networks I run. I’ve been on the air with her 3 different times and she always has great, insightful things to say. She mentions her own personal experience as a wife, mother and woman, and this makes it easy for our listeners to relate to her. Annette has a nice following of people who are interested in her content. I am glad we are colleagues and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and the women she has a positive impact on.
— Russ Terry, Creator, Executive Producer & Host - Life Coach Radio Networks

There are some people you interact with and you know in your heart you’re not seeing the real person. As a result, you’re not quite 100% comfortable in their presence or with what they have to offer. That won’t ever be an issue with Annette. Annette is as authentic as it gets, and one hell of a coach.
— Victor Sosa, CEO & Founder, Hi Def Life Coaching

I have been in business since 2000 providing professional development services to both organizations and individuals. When it is time for me to strategize and develop a vision, I call on Annette. She is a great listener, conceptualizes what I can’t see for myself, and enables me to see beyond the day-to-day issues that consume my focus. Once the goals are in place, Annette knows how to convert the ideas into action and results! Annette is authentic; she doesn’t just give advice, she lives her advice. This I have witnessed for over two decades. Annette has a breadth of knowledge and a depth of integrity. I trust and highly recommend Annette.
— Eunice Colmon, Professional Development Consultant

Annette, The Fly Coach, is a breath of fresh air. Her natural coaching ability, passion, keen ability to connect, listen and assist her clients in reclaiming what is important to them is quite powerful. Annette’s passion for her client’s success is palpable and working with her is transformational and rewarding. Annette Johnson draws out the best in her clients.
— Carolann Jones, Certified Professional Coach, ELI-MP

Annette Johnson is a powerful trainer, mentor and coach who lives to empower women. With her warm, genuine heart, transparency and practical wisdom, she ushers you into a place where you will receive healing, restoration, strength, and motivation.
— Rachel Renee Smith, Author of The Rain Won’t Hide These Tears and While the Sun Still Shines